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New On Tap: All-Michigan Beer

Today we just tapped a brand new beer called Dogstar + G-Boyz.

It's a harvest ale brewed with all Michigan ingredients, wet-hopped with Michigan Chinook from Dog Star Hops, and malt from Great Lakes Malting Company.

Wet Hopping

Wet hopping is a process breweries can use that involves using freshly harvested hops that haven't been dried or kilned. Typically when hops are harvested, their shelf-life is very short, so it's key to use them immediately. Most hops get processed and pelletized to give them longer stability.

Another consideration with wet hopping is how much you use to hop a beer. Because they're not processed and concentrated, you can end up using up to ten times the amount of hops by weight in a batch of beer in order to impart flavor.

For Dogstar + G-Boyz, the hops went from the farm directly to the kettle. Wet hops provide unique flavors that you can't get with pelletized hops, and each harvest beer is unique in its own right.

Dog Star Hops

Dog Star Hops is an industrious hop-growing enterprise located southwest of Lansing in Charlotte, Michigan. It was founded by seven guys who share the love of the outdoors and a deep commitment to cultivate the land on their beautiful family farm, whose sole aim is to produce the highest quality hops possible for local brewers.

Their flagship yard of Crystal hops won the Hop Growers of Michigan 2018 Wild Card Competition.

Michael from Dog Star Hops woke up early, harvested a lot of Chinook hops, and drove it over to the brewery the morning of the brew day to make this delicious beer.

Great Lakes Malting Company

Great Lakes Malting Company is a craft malt house located on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan. They produce and supply an assortment of malted grains to the brewing and distilling industries across the Midwest. Their mission is to supply the highest quality malt while providing unparalleled service and an unwavering commitment to supporting local agriculture.

Come on by the taproom starting today to grab a pint of Dogstar + G-Boyz, because once it's gone it's gone!



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