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A Reflection on 1 Year

By Kyle Gierada

Can hangovers last 48 hours?

On a serious note, I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude to Oak Park and the many surrounding communities that participated in making our one-year event so special.

It has been a year of hard work, learning, failure, trial and error, joy, and I wouldn't change a single thing.

We started Dog & Pony Show Brewing by placing a STRONG emphasis on making our customers feel welcomed, producing a quality product, and giving back to the community that has given a lot to us already. To be able to get up and work alongside my brothers each day is truly a blessing.

It means so much to me and my family the way we've been welcomed. We've met so many great people throughout this community who have become more than a customer. Know that we intend to continue our efforts for years to come. Without a doubt when I've had a long day at my other job or am feeling down, nothing beats coming into the tap room to chat with our customers and hear how much they love coming in.

I'm looking forward to meeting more people and drinking more beers in this wonderful city.

Cheers to all our wonderful neighbors, friends, and those who traveled to celebrate from the entire team at Dog & Pony Show Brewing.

See you soon,


A special thanks to the following:

City of Oak Park

Curt's Auto

Do Only Good Dog Rescue

Señiors Mexican Food Truck

Papellon Arepabar Food Truck

Motor City Sweet Treats

Jessie and Ties that Died

Detroit Fight Club

Berkley Coffee

MI Beer Pursuit Podcast

Craft Beer Conversations

Michigan Brewery Review


Jibs Brown



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