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Get to know the best taproom crew on the planet, the ones that keep the wheels turning and the beer flowing!



Taproom Manager

Ashley is our gold leader. She is a wonderful mom and wife. Ashley was the obvious choice to lead the team not only because of her industry experience, but her experience dealing with the Gierada brothers. Ashley is fun, positive, and an adventurous soul. She's also a music lover.

Favorite musician/artist: Otis Redding

Favorite movie: Midnight in Paris

Favorite vacation spot: Petoskey, Michigan

Favorite D&P brew: Dr. Streus

Look for Ashley smiling and laughing behind the bar!


Assistant Taproom Manager

Everyone's favorite bartender and SUPER DAD (hi Sloan!)

If you've been in more than once or twice, Jake knows you. If you love soccer, Jake definitely knows you!

Favorite sport / team: soccer / Tottenham Hotspurs and DCFC

Favorite show: Great British Baking Show

Favorite vacation spot: Up North, Michigan (Glen Arbor, Leland, Frankford, Petoskey, Charlevoix)

Favorite D&P brew: Wizard Power

Jake is a genuine, good-hearted and all-around great guy. Next time you're in, give him a high five!

Photo Oct 28, 1 54 42 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 06, 3 25 13 PM.jpg


Bar Back / Beertender

This is your captain speaking, say hello to Matt! Our future pilot and resident bar back / beer tender. Matt always brings a positive attitude and smile in with him to work. He loves meeting the pups that come in to visit us at the taproom.

Favorite TV show: Trailer Park Boys

Favorite movie: Tropic Thunder

Favorite music: classic rock to rap, to EDM

Favorite vacation spot: Marquette, Michigan

Favorite D&P brew: Simply the Fest


Cellarperson & Beertender

Every Dog & Pony Show needs a cat lover! Meet our well-traveled, Colorado-born, Massachusetts-lived, lighting expert Claire!

Favorite TV show: Avatar - The Last Airbender

Favorite albums: Sam's Town by The Killers, Gone Now by Bleachers

Favorite vacation spot: Virgin Islands and New Orleans

Favorite D&P brew: Oak Park Ale

Claire shines at all she does, from helping brew beer to serving a cold pint behind the bar. We are very lucky to have her on the team!

Photo Nov 30, 3 07 55 AM.jpg



Coming all the way from Georgia, we are extremely luck to have Tayler join the team. The only thing drier than his sense of humor is the chicken he meal preps after a workout. Tayler works in the front and back of the house, but you may have seen him pouring beers in his purple Curves t-shirt.

Favorite artist: David Hasselhoff

Favorite TV series: The Boys

Favorite movie: Blazing Saddles

Favorite vacation spot: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Favorite D&P brew: Force Pull DIPA


Bar Back

Our dungeon master, bar back by night and side hustle marketer by day - say hello to Derrick! Don't let his soft-spoken personality fool you. Hardworking and attention to detail from Derrick is why the taproom looks so good!

Favorite artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite TV show: Scrubs

Favorite movie: Revolver

Favorite anime: anything by Shinichiro Watanabe
Favorite vacation spot: Traverse City

Favorite D&P brew: For Sal

Say hi to Derrick next time you're in!

Photo Jan 15, 1 06 32 PM.jpg


Cellarperson & Beertender

Sometimes you're dropping off Grub Hub and you end up getting a job at the new brewery in town! Huey was an athlete growing up, served in the Navy, and loves the University of Michigan. Huey is our Swiss Army Knife - sometimes he's kegging beer in the back or serving beers in the front. Huey has the best attitude and loves talking to customers about their favorite beers.

Favorite sports team: Detroit Pistons

Favorite movie: The Godfather: Part II

Favorite TV show: Yellowstone

Favorite vacation spot: San Diego

Next time you're in, you may find Huey after a shift watching a game, and enjoying a Wizard Power!

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